Dewey “Parker” Destin serves our community by listening to others and putting people before politics.


Fought for us, lowered the bridge toll
While others were saying it could not be done, Parker stood strong and successfully fought to lower the toll for daily commuters using the Mid-Bay Bridge. The first- and only-time bridge tolls have been lowered!

Led drive for curbside recycling
When county commissioners voted to dump household recyclables in a landfill instead of recycling them, Parker alerted thousands of residents and led a drive that culminated in commissioners reversing their decision and continuing curbside recycling to protect our environment.

Blocking irresponsible development
As a City Councilman in Destin, Parker is championing transparency in government, creating more elected oversight of development, and refusing to bend under the pressure of special interest.

the right choice

Parker is the right choice to fight for the principles and policies that people living, working and raising a family in Okaloosa County care about most:

  • Elevate the voice of the people to the forefront of policymaking

  • Improve Okaloosa traffic infrastructure

  • Expedite construction of the Crestview Bypass

  • Address Choctawhatchee Bay water quality issues

  • Buy back private beaches and dedicate them back to public access using county bed taxes

  • Use county bed taxes more dynamically than we are now to invest in undergrounding utilities